Hey folks, I wanted to clarify something. While Close Remembrance will likely be the conclusion of Mia & Korum's story (note, I say likely, since there's always a possibility I may decide to write about them again at a later date), the Krinar series WILL continue with different characters. I love this world, and I feel that I have barely begun to explore all of its possibilities, so there will be plenty of other books for my sci-fi fans. 

There's one Krinar book that I'm particularly excited about, and it will probably be the next story in this series. It's a prequel of sorts, set right before and during the Krinar invasion. It will feature a rather dark & tortured K hero and a human girl who finds herself in a difficult situation with him. Working title: The Krinar Captive. I will include a small teaser from this story (along with samples of my other works) at the end of Close Remembrance.

I'm also getting ready to share more with you about my next book, a contemporary dark erotic tale that may shock and disturb many of you. It's going to be part of my "Heed the Warning" line of books and won't be a romance in the traditional sense. If you enjoyed Captive in the Dark and like Kitty Thomas's works, then you might like this one too. Please stay tuned; I'll be revealing more about this one soon.


07/19/2013 7:04pm

Will Close Remembrance be available on Kindle and Pre-Order? I sure hope so!

07/19/2013 7:27pm

Hi Barb - it will definitely be available on the Kindle on 09/13/13. Unfortunately, I can't do pre-orders on Amazon at this point because Amazon only allows that for certain bigger-name authors. Of course, if enough customers request a particular author's book to be available as a pre-order, Amazon may change its mind :).

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