I woke up this morning with the realization that it's already November 2nd and that I basically went radio-silent for the past two weeks here on my blog (not on Facebook, though – I manage to pop up there no matter how busy I get). I have no excuse except that Dima and I have been occupied with The Sorcery Code, Twist Me, our first German book release, finding German audiobook narrators... Okay, fine, I have an excuse. Anyways, here is an attempt to catch up on the latest b00k-related developments in my life:

1) The amazing Lauren Dawes, author of the Half-Blood series and Dark Deceit, interviewed me on her blog, The Fantasy Junkie. Come check it out here; I chat with Lauren about the writing process, Twist Me, and what super power I would like to have. 

2) Fantasy is More Fun blog reviewed Close Liaisons and is doing a giveaway of the complete Krinar Chronicles trilogy! Check it out here and enter to win: http://fantasyismorefun.com/2013/11/close-liasons-anna-zaire-coyer-book-review.html. Dima and I also did a guest post there about why we offer Close Liaisons for free, for those of you who are curious as to why authors do freebies. 

3) The Sorcery Code is in the home stretch, and it's coming out really awesome – and with more romance than Dima planned initially. There's even a really hot, dangerous alpha male in there. (Mwa-ha-ha – that's what happens when you get a romance writer to edit!) The first editing stage is nearly complete, and we hope to be able to release the book this year. If you haven't signed up for Dima's mailing list yet, please do so now by going to www.dimazales.com

4) Twist Me is coming along, having crossed over the 50K mark recently. I came up with a new blurb – you can check it out on my Home page. I'm still not quite ready to set an official date, but I'm confident the book will be out early next year.

5) The German edition of  Close Liaisons made it into the Top 100 on  Amazon.de and stayed there for the past two weeks, which was incredibly exciting for us. A huge thank you for that to Grit, Kerstin, and our German readers!    



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